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Extreme job interviews

Have you ever been for an extreme job interview?

What kind of questions did they ask you? How did  you answer on them?

Mar 25, 2018 9:14 AM
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The most extreme job interview I have been to was for a barman at London Bridge railway station quite a few years ago.  I was given an IQ type test which became progressively more difficult, though I managed to score well.  At the end I was told that I was not the type of person they were looking for as I was likely to get bored doing a routine job !
March 26, 2018
When I was applying for a position of economist I was asked by a potential boss if I ever learnt music, I said I had learnt playing piano in childhood, then I was asked to play and when I refused, he teased me. Then he asked what was my zodiac sign, I said Scorpio and he answered that Scorpions always destroy a working team and he would never hire a Scorpio. After a few months I got know that he and my superior were friends and my superior asked him not to hire me. That's why this interview was just a joke for them both. 
March 26, 2018


Thanks for your sharing, such a awesome but extraordinary experience.  

March 26, 2018

Adrian, likely they were not interested to find an applicant at all. Maybe they just testing people for something psychological research 

March 26, 2018

In such job interview they look at you reaction and smooth handling of an embarrassing situation

March 26, 2018
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