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What is this ugly-ass car meaning? I heard this sentence and i don't understand "ugly-ass" meaning.
Mar 26, 2018 9:58 AM
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This discussion gives me the opportunity to link to a Youtube video of Ismo Leikola performing on Conan's late night show. The bit is titled "Ass is the most complicated word in the English Language".

Ismo Leikola is a fellow Finn, and once voted as the World's Funniest Person.

March 27, 2018

When you hear slang, idioms or phrases you can´t understand try to think about the context they were being used in and that will often help you work out the meaning.  So in this case you know they were talking about a car.  One guy may have said to the other something like.  That is one ugly assed car.  The person who was saying it may have been shaking his head at the time, showing disapproval, or you might have seen from the look on his face that he didn´t like it.  Look for these cues, body language, and the context when trying to work out what we mean:)  Even Native English speakers have to do this as we make up new idioms, slang and phrasal verbs all the time:)

March 26, 2018
It means "ugly". The "ass" is there for emphasis, and makes it sound more rude than just saying "ugly".
March 26, 2018

Timo, I opened the discussion after I read the title only to add Ismo Leikola's video,

just to see that you have added it before me. It's sooooo funny and first time I

watched it several months ago, I really laughed at the top of my voice :D hehe

March 27, 2018
You can say, of someone's face, that it looks like "the back of a number ten bus", or nothing special. Mind you, if a Keira Knightly poster was on the back ... But, this has never happened; the posters are always on the side. I know this bus route well and have yet to see her poster in it.
March 26, 2018
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