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Anna Riz
lingua franca in Asia

Hi everyone! :D I would like to ask you what is the most common lingua franca, after English, in Asia. It could be Chinese or definitely not?  

I've done this question because I'm thinking to move for work, as a cosmetic chemist, in China or in Japan after my MSc.

I've just started learning Chinese so I would like to figured out  if it is a good idea , related to my goal, or it could be a better idea to start learning Japanese... so maybe the question could be: is it common speak in Chinese in Japan? Is it required to find a job?

Let me know! Thanks a lot <3

Mar 26, 2018 2:00 PM
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No.1 English

No.2 English

No.3 English

March 26, 2018
Ciao Anna comunque per lingue più importanti in asia est sono cinese giapponese poi magari coreano poi dipende dove vai se vai ancora piu sud è importante anche malesiano alla fine bisogna sapere dove vai
March 27, 2018
In Vietnam, the most common language is English definitely. The second common is probably French. Sometimes, people might think that would be Japanese instead French. But these two dont make any huge difference, I suppose so
March 26, 2018
English. English is an official language in the Philippines, Singapore, and India though hong kong, malaysia, and indonesia have a good number of speakers too. There's great effort to learn mandarin in japan, korea, and SEA for business purposes but it's nowhere near a continental lingua franca.
March 26, 2018

Maybe English, China, Melayu

March 26, 2018
Anna Riz
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