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Calvin Pancras Babu
"What is the date of today?...... 今天是几月几号?” Hi! My name is Calvin .I currently learning Chinese

Today i was learning how to say the date of today.Honestly I'm having a hard time saying it casually like how i do in english.This is something you learn at the beginning of any language along counting.I think a good way of practicing this is when you've just woken up or just before you start your Chinese lesson or in your free time look at your Calendar and say the dates of yesterday,today and tomorrow.Everyday,until i get a hang of it !

Mar 26, 2018 3:07 PM
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My suggestions would be:

- write and say the dates, rather than just say the dates.

- do it in parts. Say the day first . Once you are comfortable with that, add on the month and practice that until you are comfortable with it, and then add on the year.

Good luck! :) 

March 31, 2018
We often say from biggest one to the smallest one, like 年,月,日。For example ,Feb.,1st 1997, we say 1997年2月1号
March 28, 2018
British: mm/dd/yy

American : dd/mm/yy

Chinese : yy/mm/dd


Or 今天是3月27号。

March 27, 2018
Wow thank you....guys! Let me try these out [emoji]
April 5, 2018
Any other suggestions to get dates right...??!
March 26, 2018
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