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How do you learn a new language?


I'm interested how do you like to learn a new language?

    -How many hours do you learn a day? Do you learn every day?

    -How do you learn? (Listening or watching a movie, reading, or just concrete learning the grammar or words) or how? :)

    -What is your motivation?

    -Did you think that after a while the best and fastest learning is to practice with speaking with someone?

        -If yes, when can I start it?

        -If you already tried to find language partner here, did you enjoyed the conversation? About what did you spoke?

I think the best and fastest learning is to travel somewhere where you can hear and use your learning language every day. (If you learn English Travel to US or USA). I would like to do this just not sure about my English knowledge. Did you think, I have enough knowledge to start any conversation in English?

Mar 26, 2018 8:40 PM
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I'm with SHL on this one. For me at least, traditional methods have worked best (at least until I reach an intermediate level). One small quibble, though: you don't have to take lessons five times a week. If you can, that's wonderful, but if you can only manage (say) two a week, that's fine, too. You'll make slower progress, but you will still make progress. 
March 27, 2018
 Texting and reading news on the internet . 
March 27, 2018
Here are two suggestions.  First, find like-minded friends, who will support you in your commitment to learn.  An English speaking club is a great idea.  Second, you must practice every day.  Don't forget, learning a language is a journey, as well as a destination.  You will become better.
March 27, 2018
Misi: I'm a believer in the old-fashioned way of doing things. I think in learning a language you need to just start with classes, at least 5 hours a week, with a good teacher and workbooks. You should learn the grammar first and, when ready, move on to building vocabulary. You can also listen to films, read books, and so on. But, in the long-run, I think you'll find the most effective method of learning a language is to talk with native speakers. The reason I say natives, is that you'll get an authentic pronunciation and correct grammar and a more common vocabulary. After all, they (the native speakers) are the model you are looking for. Living in a place where the language is native also gives you a big advantage as well, for obvious reasons. 
March 27, 2018

Thanks for answers!

@Kinson Ok, we do not have the same brain, someone can easy to learn languages someone harder. But I think every one need to have a style, a habit which can learn something in the easiest way. I just thinking about mine, and would to hear some ideas :D

Sometimes I have motivation to learn very much things, but another day I ask my self, Why if everything I can catch on the internet in seconds, why should I load my brain and "lose" my time with learning.

March 26, 2018
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