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Natalia St-Va
A glass of wine daily_what do you think?


I have a question about alcohol and do hope it won’t destroy my reputation:) 

Could you share please how often do you consume alcohol and what do you consider as a norm? 
Do you think people take a risk to become dependent on alcohol if they drink a bit daily? 

It’s rather painful issue in Russia as Russians are known as having a tendency to overdrinking, the problem to stop drinking and increasing its amount. Moreover, many Russians parents cultivate these ideas in order to restrict their adult -children from drinking alcohol. 

Perhaps it was a reason why I didn’t drink even a glass of wine for a long time. I mean, I might have had an unconscious prejudice/fear against alcohol and zero tolerance to it ( for myself).
 However, I’ve been drinking a glass of wine 2-3 times a week for about 3 years and feel happy nowadays. Moreover, I regret that I wasted time as I didn’t taste wine for so many years. 

What do you think?

Do you think there is any national traditions? For example, Russian traditions are drink a lot, clink glasses and give toasts. 

Looking forward for your brutality honest opinions about alcohol consumption: dozens-frequencies-consequences and traditions:) 

Thank you. 

Mar 27, 2018 7:47 AM
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Thank you, Bill:) Oh, I didn't expect that Brits have a tendency to drink a lot (if I undersood you correctly). May I ask you to share your preferences when choosing wines please ( here or PM). I aslo like good wines but recently when we flew through Uzbekestan, we bought a local one in duty free for [ractically nothing. It was rather nice though I don't think I would buy it often:) 

It's hard to say if people drink less or the same in Russia in comparisson with the Soviet Union time. I was too small then and now I don't often go outside of the city center or a district where I live. However, according to news and csome talks around I might guess that people still drink a lot. I asked my husband about the Soviet Union time as he was more older and a bit smart as a result at that time, he thinks that the government did a lot to " help" Russians drink a lot. He remember that particully in every supermarket where people could buy a milk cocktails or a glass of juice, they could buy a glass of terrible wine (the on;ly option that time) and vodka. So, even have a small amount of many, everyone could drink. I don't see this kind of things nowdays or maybe, it depends on place where you live. 

Also, my husband's granddad told him that that had strong alcohol every time before fighting during the Second World War. So when it had ended, many Russins were depended on alcohol. Thus, I might guess you are right that people drank more in the Soviet Union. 

Another factor ( beside that terrible war and then the government support for alcohol consumption) is our server climate. I studied in Newcastle Upon Tyne and would say it was harsh too in terms of weather:) Is it a reason for drinking a lot? 

March 27, 2018

Hi, I'm from Vietnam where most people drink alcohol, particularly beers here. Since Vietnam has been one of the fastest growing alcohol consumption market in the world now.

Firstly, I think culture played a main role to define alcohol consumption. We here drink beer everywhere, everytime when having a hangout with friends, meeting some partners in business or even any meals we prefer using beers. I don't even know why?

Secondly, my parents usually drink a little wine before going to sleep because it can help improve blood circulatory system, prevent from heart struck and help to sleep easier. Especially Vietnamese culture like using medicine wine called herb wine and acupuncture. So I think it's good to drink wine with a small volume everyday.

Thirdly, Our government still minimize alcohol consumption because of some consequences relevant to driving, lacking behavioral control, etc which have increased the number of deaths to red alert. each year.

In my opinion, a rich nation needs to have a strict law to take a control in utilizing wine. Our government has been trying now, otherwise, your country - Russia is a typical lesson for drinking too much. It's not culture if it harmed people health too much.

March 27, 2018

I like to drink wine and to my understanding while it's not good for you, having few glasses now and then is ok. The risk limits are currently set at 12 doses (12cl of wine) for women, and 24 for men weekly. I'm practically never even close to that limit. I do feel it's going a bit overboard, not to mention detrimental to physical fitness to drink every day, even if one was staying well within the weekly limits.

For us Finns, there is strict alcohol control and government monopoly in selling wine. Moreover, we're being taxed to death when it comes to alcohol -- supposedly to keep people healthy, but I'm sure it's in no small part because they can.

Some more venturous people travel to Estonia to pick up loads of alcohol instead of paying the premium here, and it's a cat and mouse game where Finland keeps a close eye on what the taxes are like in neighbouring countries, and then hike up or reduce taxes ever so slightly to ensure most people buy locally.

For me personally, I'd love to be able to order quality wines from across Europe but the customs in Finland are doing their best to prevent Internet sales.

March 27, 2018

I'm British and drink wine probably 5 days a week, two small glasses normally though I can stretch into three.  We actually measure drinks by a thing called a "unit" which is 10ml of pure alcohol, so in wine terms at say 13% is about 75ml.  My glasses are a bit smaller than 75ml.

I tend to drink better wines, because, if I am destroying my brain and liver I might as well really enjoy it :-)

The British have a silly reputation for drinking heavily and not being able to control themselves when drunk.  I suspect that behaviour is driven both by DNA and cultural upbringing.

Interestingly from my perception, I thought heavy drinking was a Soviet thing, does it still continue as a Russian Federation thing?

March 27, 2018

Grzybek, we need you back :)  

I mean  - we alcoholics:) 

March 27, 2018
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