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How do you make through with a stress and a fear?

I guess, everybody had at least one situation in his life, when he encountered a fear pressure before some quite important business. It can be a conversation with your future employer, or a request for somebody, or a proposition of marriage… anything. Such situations are very often connected to the stressing condition, which can just make your heart beat faster or provoke an arm shaking.

My mom always says: “If you are afraid of something, just do it quickly. In this case it won’t seem so scaring”.

There many occasions in our life, and in mine too, when we try to prepare to any wrong stuff that can suddenly happen, but it almost never works. Any plan you have prepared just has to be broken by reason of some tiny detail you haven’t noticed and haven’t paid attention.
At one time I tried to apply the mom’s method to get through my stress before an important conversation. And you know what… It really works :1

It’s an interesting thing, if you didn’t prepare and didn’t make a plan for the deal you intend to realize forth, all the process becomes much easier for getting a positive outcome. Moreover, I’ve noticed that in this case it’s almost impossible to forget anything you wanted to ask or know, and in the end in the most of the situations you will gain even better result than you intended to achieve before the conversation. All the questions and the answers become clear, direct and understandable. It’s much better than sitting on a chair in front of your future chief and trying to remember what you wanted to say or ask him.

Now I always try to use this method – If you fear something, make through with it quickly!  

And what is you’re the best way to overcome a fear? Many people say: “Take a deep breath and count to ten”, but it’s interesting did you have an experience that had helped you to find out your own best method?

P.S.: Please correct my note, if mistakes are here (they probably are). Thank you :) 

Mar 27, 2018 10:18 AM
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It's interesting that actually a lot of people try to do something they are afraid of with closed eyes. I think it's some kind of defence. Because when we switch off one of our senses, it seems we switch off one of our feelings either, a fear in this case.
Unless it would be a little weird, for example, if I sit in front of my boss and say: "No, no, I''m okay. It's just the sun is so bright today. That's why my eyes are closed." :D

April 4, 2018

When I feel afraid of doing something sometimes I do it with my eyes closed (if it is possible) or I just do it quickly. Sometimes I think in my head "whats the worst thing that can happen? It isnt so bad... just do it". I like facing my fears, it makes me feel brave :)

April 4, 2018
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