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What do countries with emancipated women look like? The woman month is ending in four days.
There have been lot of conferences, workshops, seminars on the women rights around the world, and there has been also the Stormy Daniels TV interview. So, it looks like that year after year the world is progressing on this topic. Though surprisingly sometimes.
I am interested to know what do countries with greatest number of emancipated women look like today.
Mar 27, 2018 7:28 PM
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Imagine 19th cnetury... Russia.

Women are forbidden to study in unievristy (except some specially female things). It is not the most serious problem: in the beginning of the century 92% of population is enslaved. In the end of the century they are legally free...but still impoverished and illiterate. Many go to cities to form 'proletariate', which will start a Revolution soon, one that turnsout to be a catastrophe to the country.Like [almost] all revolutions.

Still women's status in peasant households (95% of population in 1800) wasn't too bad. That is, they were almostall enslaved, but their husbands too. Forced marriages here happened against family will, they say. Women's labour was valuable, families didn't want to get rid of dughters.

What is "emancipated" woman than? One who behaves like male members of nobilty? Just like men of a certain social class in certain epoch? Why 'men' then? And those men, they were so differnt from both peasant men and women then and educated men now.
Clearly, modelling an emansipated lady after male society would be arbitrary and sexist, cassist, nationalist... any '-ist' but buddhist)

I don't think this is what mean by "emancipated lady" but i'm not sure what then.
March 28, 2018
What is an 'emancipated' woman?

March 27, 2018
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