Table Manners in Your Country

Please tell me about any table manners in your society that might be unique to your country/region.

A lot of my foreign friends are very sensitive to Japanese norms, and are extremely respectful to our culture. On italki too, I've seen people discussing Japanese norms and how to respect them. (Thank you to everybody who wants/tries to respect our crazy cultural norms!! I'm just so grateful for the thoughtfulness and consideration everybody shows us.) So, I would love to return the favor by learning more about other cultures!

For example, when my friends ask me the "table manners question" about Japan, I tell them that it's not polite to stick their chopsticks into a rice bowl. (this has a cultural connection to death) Abroad, I don't slurp my noodles in a ramen restaurant because it's not polite (even though you're actually supposed to slurp them in Japanese ramen places! haha).

So, what kind of table manners do you have in your country? What's okay at the dinner table? What's not okay?

Even if not table manners, feel free to tell me about social norms or cultural norms in your country/culture!

Just in case: The italki community is usually very good with this, but I would really appreciate it if people can share information about cultural norms; not criticize cultures. (ie: "somebody from XX country did this, because they're uneducated" ) My post has the assumption that all cultures are DIFFERENT, not defined by hierarchy or any global table-manners-manual. Please keep in mind that what might be considered "rude" in your country might actually be considered "polite" in others and vice versa. Thank you!

Mar 27, 2018 8:20 PM
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In my culture, we usually eat from the same big plate, and taking food that is in front of others is considered impolite as well as licking fingers, making loud sounds (don't know the right word)... I'll add when I do remember more.
March 27, 2018
En mi país se supone que no puedes poner los codos sobre la mesa, no puedes hablar con la boca abierta, hasta que no sirvan el ultimo plato no puedes comer. 
In my country guess that you can't put your elbows on the table, you cannot speak with you eat, if you see that is here all the dishes you can't eat.
March 27, 2018
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