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a friend asked me about Ramadan(which is an arabic name of a month) it's very important for Muslims, so I said
You have asked very great question, Ramadan is really amazing so I'll tell you few things about it...
At first Ramadan is one month (30 days) so it comes only one time every year, generally, through these days of Ramadan we shouldn't eat or drinks anything (this called fasting) from the morning prayer until the sun sets, so every day every family wake up for about one or two hours before the morning prayer to eat a meal called (sohor) (in every street there's one man who walk on the road calling the sleeping people to wake up and start their Sohor but actually even we have alarm but we still like to hear the voice of this man who says specific words and he have a title "ابو طبلة ، abo tableh" you can google it to see what is Tableh) so they be prepared to not eat through day. The idea of not eating is that we learn to be more patient and also we have the feeling of the poor people who always feel hungry through the whole year but no one usually feel about them so then we can understand their pain and we help them and give them money and food ...ets
so every family will do that and every poor person will become rich in these days
through time of fasting in every day men are in their jobs and women if they don't have a job so they spend few hours to prepare the best food ever, because everyone is hungry and the women here usually are masters in cooking so every Muslim family around the world will set around the table of food before the (prayer of sun set) they wait together until specific time to start eating together at the same time and you can imagine that all Muslims around the world do that at the same time. The food and the drinks are becoming so delicious and the happiness is everywhere especially to the poor person who is living his golden days, 
So after this meal which called (breakfast) there's a prayer in the mosque called (taraweeh) if I would translate this word to English it will be close to (the prayers of souls) so we go together and meet other families in the mosque to pray together and after that they all talk and laugh and maybe visit each other with a big smile on their faces, actually the days of Ramadan is very blessed and we try to do every good thing and read as much as possible of al Quraan so we just became very happy it's a great feeling of blessing that non Muslims don't had (but if they tried it once then will fall in love with Islam because it's feeling like you're very close of God the creator, it's like you're close of a great powerful thing and you know he's loving you and protecting you and also watching you every second)
So as you notice that almost everything we do through Ramadan we do together (fasting- eating- praying- visiting- .... ets)
I really feel that I'm loved here and also I appreciate everyone around me
But the most beautiful thing is when Ramadan ends there's a big celebration is called ( Eed) it lasts for three days and of course we don't have to do fasting and of course everything back to normal but in this time we start to visit the graves and remember that one day we will be there so even if Ramadan ends we have to be good through the year and every year so when we die one day then we'll be in God's heaven not in a dark place or hell, so after visiting the graves we go to visit each other and talk about this experiment of Ramadan and of course to enjoy Eed days which is full of happiness as like international celebration for all Muslims around the world.

This is all is only few things about Ramadan because there's so much more amazing things but some of them have very deep meanings and need more words to explain but I'm sure that as must as you know you'll love this religion more and more until you may say ( why not the whole world are Muslims!!!)
nothing is difficult to understand in this religion it's very clear and peaceful and even so logical, but sadly the governments of most countries who don't accept Islam because it's not good for them on their laws and politics then they try to tell the world that Islamic people are bad and even criminals so this governments pay money to some groups of criminals to just let them say that (we are Muslims and criminals ) then the whole world will think that always the terrorists are Muslims but in fact they aren't Muslims at all، so that people just need to find a trusted source to read about islam and they'll be surprised that social media and news are all full of lies
(But that doesn't mean that all Muslims are good because some of them don't do what they have to do, they do wrong things that's not allowed in Islam religion so then you may see a bad Muslim person, but then we blame him/her not the religion because clearly he do things not allowed in Islam).

Mar 27, 2018 11:07 PM
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