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Electronic drugs, dangerous screens, internet, video games, Tv, are you addicted?
Recent research hilighted the deliberate addictive design of websites by the effect of devices such as "likes" on Facebook or "flames" on Snapchat that stimulate dopamine in the brain.

This brain reward hormone at work in addictions (drugs from heroin to nicotine...) is exploited by the social network designers of Silicon Valley to maximize screen consumption and delete at the same time, desire and available brain time for any other activity.
Dopamine even causes atrophy of brain areas and changes in fluid circulation.
Dopamine inhibits serotonin an important neurotransmitter who regulates mood states and attention capacity.

Are you concerned about the risks of excessive usage of screens?
Mar 28, 2018 10:12 AM
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Regardless of the biochemical or medical effects, the truth is that social media are addictive because the designers of the websites have used human psychology to make people want to spend more and more time on their site.

In my case, I don't like social media, nor do I want to have an account on any of the social media programs.

In my opinion, we all have a need to be recognized, acknowledged, responded too, complimented and even debated, thus the need to check every 12 seconds to see how popular we are.
This behaviour/activity is harmful.
We should not depend on other people, especially strangers, to determine our worth.

Frankly, I think I'm already hooked on italki, so just ignore everything I've already said because I'm also a hopeless victim... plus I really like chocolate :)

Good topic Aliph...

March 28, 2018

@ Anton

opiates bind to opiate receptors which send a signal to the dopamine terminal to release more dopamine. 

Nicotine works with other receptors and this increases directly the release of dopamine or inhibits other substances that diminish his availability. 

It is quite a sophisticated system but all dependencies are part of the reward system that keeps us going. 

March 28, 2018
It's an enormous disaster, I think..
But, nowadays, we can't live without so called "screens". 
I, personally, try not to use it every minute)
March 28, 2018
Sometimes, I have come to think that life was almost impossible without my mobile or computer (preferably connected to the internet) until I try to disconnect for some days.
March 28, 2018

Yes. “Digital dementia” is coming soon. 

I am rather sceptical about our increasing concern for being addicted to digital technology. The future will bring the real outcome. 

March 28, 2018
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