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How to dinstiguish between serious friend for speaking in English and faker? Hello, how to distiguish serious friend for talk in English or just someone, who add you at skype, but is not active.?
2018年3月28日 13:32
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Experience is the only way I can distinguish between them.

First, once we connect on Skype, I offer the italki member specific dates/times when I can meet. Sometimes people don't respond. Maybe they're "fake" or maybe they are too nervous, out of town, busy, etc. I don't know. I only know I don't want to waste time by inviting the same person to meet repeatedly if I get no response the first time. So I move to the next person and make the same offer.

Sometimes people will agree to meet on Skype and then they don't show up. I log onto Skype about 5-10 minutes before the meeting time and I usually wait 5-10 minutes after the meeting time passes. I log off early if the person doesn't show up. If they contact me afterward and apologize and explain what happened - maybe there was an emergency, no electricity, etc. - I usually will try again a second time. If they don't show up to the second meeting, I don't agree to a third one. I move on to the next person and make the same offer.

I don't think of people as "serious" vs. "fake." I use the words available/unavailable and reliable/unreliable. I want people who are "reliable and available."

This process takes time, but I don't know how else to find "available and reliable" language partners without observing whether or not they're really "available and reliable." Good luck.

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