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What is a country, city or place where you felt happy last time? I remember when our family were resting in sunny Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. At the evening we went to drink tea together. After a so hot day, the evening was perfect like a warm milk, mountains looked so beautiful. Right in front of us was a restaurant where people, kids, adults were dancing and singing a song "Sulamente tu". Was so nice...still recall all these..
What about you? Where did you feel happy last time?
Mar 28, 2018 2:53 PM
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- because a hotel where I stayed for my exam reminded me the time when I was very happy and stayed there:) 

What a chaotic thought in terms of expression. :) 

March 29, 2018

hammac is the place I was the happiest in. 

I was in Egypt and after the all-inclusive dinner where I tried to eat a good mouthful from every dish, I walked to the trees where the hammac was hung and just lay there staring at the stars. 

March 28, 2018

Berlin, Germany. 

Not the USA. I wouldn’t even go to the USA if I wasn’t unlucky enough to have been born here. The US is insane. 

March 28, 2018
Hello Marcin! 
So nice to read your comment! Of course it must be takes some energy to walk in the city by hours hehe. As for me I always need someone to take foto for me ))
After funny conversations while we are walking around the city, my Dad asks "where are we?", I have no idea..hehe

MiSha, Have you been in Sofia? Of course, most of people go nearer the sea, but the capital also looks great. Specially, at night when you are in an airplane. 

My Han...
That was so nice to be honest I am also attached to things and rooms. When I smashed my favourite cup yesterday, I was going to cry ))) Not so tragically of course, but some memory with it..I can understand what do you feel about your room..))))
March 28, 2018

Hello Sarah, it's really pleasant to hear about your previous trip to Bulgaria.

My last trip must be long ago, i guess it must be two or nearly two years ago, so i can't remember it well. But my current favorite place must be my little room, how silly to hear. My sister had given birth several months ago, and my parents decided to give my room to my sister and her new born baby, it meant I currently did not have my own room. I was alright with it, my sister and her baby need their own space more than me. I slept in the sofa in the living room and studied or did homework there, too. Therefore, living room is my contemporary room haha. However, my sister's health gets better and the baby is quite stable so they move out and left me with my room. The day that i received my room back was a pleasing day, after half a year i could sleep comfortably on my own matress and breath the atmosphere of my old room. I slept really well that night. Can you see that i am the one who can be easily satisfied, [emoji][emoji][emoji].

March 28, 2018
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