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Is it possible to work on only one job all your life? When I meet people who has worked for a long time only at one work place, I am wondering how do they have so much endurance. They must be true professionals at their work, but must be boring from time to time. 
What do you think? What qualities one should have to not lose a job?

Mar 28, 2018 8:16 PM
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Some people prefer to stay at the same job because finding a new job is not very easy and they think they may end up unemployed for too long. Hence, they prefer to keep their current job. It is usual in countries where unemployment is high or the competition in the job market is tough. Also, if you want to have social security after your retirement, you are required to have filled a certain amount of time employed. Otherwise, you would either have to buy the amount of time that you were unemployed or you wouldn't be eligible to fully benefit from the advantages of social security in your country. I think these are the common reasons that motivate some people to keep their current job.

Also, it pretty much depends on the person's mindset. Some people are less likely to take risks and they prefer to have something that's barely enough for living a decent life but they can take it for granted while some people can take risks and even though they know that they can end up unemployed and poor for a while but they prefer to wait for a situation that changes their life forever.

March 28, 2018

Hi Sarah. I am 26 and I'm still on my first job. I started working at this company when I was in college, 8 years ago. I am not bored at all, but I know one day will come in which I will realize that I don't have anything else to learn here, and then I might think about going to search for new challenges in other companies, maybe even in other countries, I don't know. Time will tell. Cheers!

March 28, 2018
I invite you to watch the documentary on the founders of Silicone Valley. Before those guys people used to work for the same company all their life. They have brought a new concept: working for the same company as long as you feel self satisfaction. And when you have an idea that doesn't fit your current space you just create your own company.
Currently staying in the same occupation depends more on how rewarding is the job. Not only for the wage, but also for the self satisfaction of doing something meaningful and enhancing.
March 29, 2018

Both my aunt and uncle worked for 40 years, the same job, for one company. Moreover, not only they have lived together for over 40 years but also travelled together from the begining until retirement. This is so impressive to me. 

I think it's very hard to keep up with one job, or place. I would definitely wish for a change after a few years. 

March 28, 2018

I think such situations were very common in our part of Europe before 1990's. People just finished their schools and started to work adequately to the profession they learned. Sometimes they chose their profession with the particular company in their mind. Sometimes the company was giving them some money during their study and they promised to work in this company. Sometimes they were sent to some working place because of the community needs.
And they were working in the same place for long years (sometimes for their entire professional life). They had no reason to change - they would probably get the same salary doing the same job for the other company. Of course some people could have problem with finding any working place, because of some political reasons. In these times it would be suspicious if someone changed his work many times - some people would consider him the person who 'makes troubles'.

Today nobody guarantees the occupation and it's easy to be fired for many reasons. Many people change their working places because they want to learn something new or increase their salaries. It's interesting that many employers will refuse to rise your salary even when they employ new people to do similar tasks with better salaries than yours. Changing the company is the only way then.

Of course everything depends on your profession. Sometimes it takes too much of studying, including many years of post-graduate studies, specialist courses and internship, to became a fully-qualified specialist in something. Such people usually don't want to change their profession and begin everything in a different field. Then it depends on the balance between available professionals and working places for them. Your employer will be more careful with you when it's not so easy to find another person for your place. But it may happen that there are too many graduates in your field of study and only a few places available.

March 28, 2018
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