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Shoes or slippers at home? Do you take off your shoes at home?

When you arrive at home after a day outside at work, do you take your shoes off? Do you put slippers?

Is it a cultural choice or a personal?

Mar 29, 2018 5:17 PM
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In our culture that we take off shoes and wear slippers and that what Ido

Most of Syrians ask their guests to take off their shoes but I don't do with others

April 3, 2018

Yes, I do as most Russians. Moreover, if you don't take your shoes off inside of house, it’s considered to be rude. 

I remember my outrage when a doctor came to my home and didn’t take her shoes off. I even complained to my AUS friends about it, totally forgot that they never do it:) 

March 29, 2018
I love taking off my shoes,socks when I arrive is the best moment of day for me -)
March 29, 2018


That's a good question!

I particularly don't ask people to remove their shoes when I invite them home. Some guests notice that we do it and offer to do it themselves. Some don't do it and I don't insist, after all people have different backgrounds.

When I visit someone's home, I try to follow the host's habit.

March 29, 2018

Wearing shoes inside house is 0% in Japan. Even at school, we take off the shoes and put on "room shoes". Sometimes there are clinics where you have to take your shoes off and put on slippers. The outside roads are very clean in Japan so your shoes don't get dirty. But when it rains, it's troublesome. Japanese climate is humid so if your shoes get wet once, it takes time to get dry. We also have habits  that we feel rude when we enter some private place with shoes on. --except for offices or public places like banks, a city hall, libraries etc. People often ask first at the entrance, "Can I come in shoes on? Really? Isn't it rude?"  Taking off your shoes normal manner in Japan.

Wearing slippers in the house depends on people. I don't wear. Some people do.

March 29, 2018
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