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Daniel Maduro H
Hi everybody can you tell me the difference between betrayer and traitor?
Mar 30, 2018 2:23 AM
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Thanks a lot Marcel. Your explanation was very good :)
March 30, 2018

By definitions standards, they are very similar.  That are almost the same words, even. 

Traitor is the most common and less formal.  You will use this almost always.

Betrayer is more poetic and much more formal; regal, almost.   

For example: 

John the traitor, is a description and that is all  

John the betrayer, is less of a description and more of a title and adds a poetic sound to it indicating something of grandeur.  Something that everyone would know the reason for.

Though it doesn’t sound right to directly call someone a betrayer, it isn’t incorrect.  In those cases you would usually use the verb to betray (I betrayed the king) or traitor.  

Today, it is usually only heard as “the betrayer”  in a title  

March 30, 2018
Daniel Maduro H
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