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soy reeynah
am or pm on italki

I am a new user TRYING to set up my first lesson. However did anyone else get totally confused by the times?? I don't know whether I am setting am or pm time? The graph doesn't specify.

Help !

30 de mar de 2018 2:59
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Welcome. Click your avatar in the upper rh corner>account settings>time format>24H

then there's never a doubt.

30 de Marzo de 2018
When you actually click on a teacher to set up a lesson, you will see AM and PM behind the times. And if it doesn't work for you, you can always close the window again. You won't have bought or set up anything until you hit the final confirm button. Good luck with your first lesson! :)

Btw, there's no need to look at the country of your teacher, because all the times are automatically adjusted to the time you've set in your account.
30 de Marzo de 2018
Hoy can look at the country for your teacher.
30 de Marzo de 2018
soy reeynah
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