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THE END IS NIGHISH What is the meaning of the sentence "THE END IS NIGHISH".
Mar 30, 2018 7:25 AM
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"the end is nigh" is a popular, but not very serious, way of saying 'the end is soon'. Nigh - nearly/soon (very old fashioned word).

Most popularly used to talk about the apocalypse, but pretty much always used in a joking manner.

"-ish" is a way of saying 'sort of' or 'a little'. 

For example: "My painting was goodish" would mean 'my painting was a little bit good (but not 100% good)'.

Or, "lets meet at sixish!" meaning, "lets meet at around six".

So, this would mean "the end is sort of near". Again, more than likely as a joke.

March 30, 2018
Hi there. Here's my answer.  "The end is nigh" is an old fashioned saying implying that the world is ending. Nigh is an old English word for near. The phrase is used in an exaggerated way to imply that something is very serious and the world is about to end. The use of -ish is interesting. Ish is used as a qualifying ending. Eg the sky is blueish, the grass is greenish etc. ish is put onto the end of other words to imply a qualifying or lessening of the word being used. Eg. goodish, nearish, cleanish. It also gets put on the end of other words in a random(ish) way. I'm sure someone will point out that some of these uses are grammatically incorrect and are a modern development in spoken English and they are right-ish. 
March 30, 2018
Thank you very much.
March 30, 2018
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