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Natalia St-Va
“Oh, those”...what comes to your mind?

Hello, “Oh, those..” what comes to your mind when you hear this phrase. Is it positive or negative associations.

My first association is “ Oh, those Russians”:) I’ve heard this phrase so many times. It usually has sarcastic or annoying meaning,

The second one is “ Oh,those girls” using at the same way as “ Russians”. When I act very spontaneously or illogicallly, I have a high chsnce to hear this phrase from someone.

Other situations are: if I take a lot off stuff going on holidays; the same-if I drive badly:)

What about you?

Thank you

Mar 30, 2018 4:02 PM
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It could be ironic or affectionate: "Oh, those girls - arguing again about who has the best haircut!"
March 30, 2018

Hi Natalia! 

I'd say it could definitely be sarcastic but you could also say it if you didn't know what someone was talking about and you suddenly realised. For example:

'You know the ones! I'm looking for the chocolates with the caramel inside'...

'Ohhhhh those! Yes... I ate them'... 

March 30, 2018

Aaaaaaa , it’s hilarious)))

thanks a lot for sharing, Sepideh. I didn’t see this discussion. Can you send me the link please. 

Oh those Wolfy:)  - saying with an affectionate connotation:))

March 30, 2018
Well, every month I think: "Oh those bills to pay :( " ... This kind of thinking reminds me the cartoon character Mutley from the Wacky Races and Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines... LoL judging by Mutley's face he was thinking "Oh those..." all the time ;)
March 31, 2018
The first what this remind me of (I don't know why) were exclamations from Quran or Bible:
Oh, those who didn't become believers...
Oh, those, we know your exploits...

March 31, 2018
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