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Mike S
Lots of rap discussions lately

I have noticed a trend (from trolls and genuine users) asking or commenting on rap music.

I have a particular passion for rap and understand the linguistic challenge of understanding the subject matter both by being married to a foreign woman but also listening to foreign (to me) music and would suggest the following as good starting points if this is the musical style you are interested in.

Wax (Like Sido in German) enunciates very well and raps about subjects that are relatively easy to understand. There are some political and stereotype references.

More slang and regional references -

Importantly context and knowledge is key when it comes to lyrics "'I've been working for the devil too long" from]

Does it mean :

1) I have been doing the devils bidding for too long (I have been doing evil things for too long)

2) I have been part of an evil system for too long (I know the system is bad but I carry on being part of it)

3) I have been playing the devils game and now I realise.

Now does the devil mean the person, the system or the "white devil" (A white person who takes advantage of a minority.)

To me the song is split, the first half is from the perspective of the person who is the devil but does't want to be, the second half refers to the political system and corruption BUT watch the video, the devil appears to be the man in the background (maybe white devil, maybe just a representation of evil)

The video and the song tell different stories, the visual cues of the video bind the two audio stories together to show the devil was the same the whole time and the subject was always bound to do his bidding.

Hope this was informative /interesting.


Mar 30, 2018 11:08 PM
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