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Can someone please help me with these two ljnes?
Can someone please tell me what they are saying at 1:37 - 1:41?

The guy in red T-shirt: How ***** go as a start ?
The guy behind the camera:  ****
The guy in red T-shirt: For some reasons I was singing in a Wiltshire accent.
Mar 31, 2018 1:00 AM
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NealC Thank you so much, the "Wiltshire accent" bit actually makes more sense as one of the guys in the video comes from Wiltshire LOL
March 31, 2018

I really can't imagine it is wheelchair accident, but I have never heard of a Wiltshire accent.  But then the English have a ton of regional accents. 

We need some Brits to weigh in on this

March 31, 2018


The OP wrote that "Thinking of a wheelchair accident" is "singing in a Wiltshire accent".

Listening to it I think the op is right, but Damn it is hard to tell.  Do these kids all have marbles in their mouth?

Who thinks of a wheelchair accident?  For that matter who sings in a Wiltshire accent?

March 31, 2018
"How's the bit go..., how's the song go? Oh yeah,  for some reason I was thinking of a wheelchair accident. Okay, ready, have you all got your voice back?"
March 31, 2018
You are still going to want some brits on this --- maybe Graham or Bill
March 31, 2018
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