Suchkova Anna
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No one in my family has ever attended university. Like my parents, I attended a small school in a small town. I have always been interested in foreign languages, geography, history but I never could imagine that I would be able to move to a big city and enter university. The first step of my growth was enrolling in lyceum where I got wider and deeper knowledge. That time I was keen on Geography and Spanish and for the first time thought of new opportunities in my life taking as an example success of the school-leavers.  

In 2000 I successfully passed entrance examinations at the Geography Department o of Moscow State University. This new stage of my life opened up a new opportunity to learn new fields of knowledge. Besides that I tended to study foreign languages, first of Spanish. Though nobody believed in my ability to succeed in 2004 I entered the Department of the Spanish Language of Moscow State Linguistic University.  That was my great achievement and source of pride for my family.

At the moment I have accumulated great experience working in the sphere of the Russian educational system, that’s why I know quite well its strengths and weaknesses.  Like many other specialists in the academic sphere I can see that our educational system needs help to bridge over difficulties and reach higher positions at the international level.  This requires improvement in theoretical knowledge, skills and gaining of foreign colleagues’ experience.
Mar 31, 2018 2:50 AM
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March 31, 2018
Suchkova Anna
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