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Natalia St-Va
Let’s act together and ask Italki to change their code


Do you think that it would be a good idea if Italki changes “ the system” how new comments are placed?

I mean, it’s rather annoying to scroll down pages every time when you’d like to read new comments. For example, the great discussion started by Graham yesterday has more than 100 comments. It’s not easy “ to reach “ new ones.

Our comments aren’t a narrative story, right? So, logically, new ones have to be placed in the top without loosing any meaning/sense:logic. 

If you agree, can we push italki to change this code ? I mean, everyone who has the same opinion can send a request to italki support.” Bombing “might give the results :) It’s our internet society as well:)   

What else you’d like to change?

Thank you.

Mar 31, 2018 6:50 AM
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I agree with this. The newest post should be on top. Also, I think there's no reason that we have to press the "Show More" button to load the other comments. When a user scrolls to the end of the page, new comments should be loaded. (just like YouTube, 9gag, etc.)
March 31, 2018

Hi Sudeep, thank you.

I see but...:) Better try to act again altogether  in my opinion,

Moreover, perhaps, there are a lot of webmasters/IT specialists, etc, right, Wolfy?

Why don’t some of us might offer a help? I’m not an expert but can guess that re-writing this code ( sorry, if I use an inappropriate terminology)isn’t a big deal. I do some small changes at websites myself being not IT specialists. 

Here we might go again that they wouldn’t  take our help but who knows for sure? As well as a life is moving forward and bringing changes to people’s mind:) at least, sometimes:) 

March 31, 2018
Evil eye is right, the programming is nearly trivial - italki just doesn't want to do it.  They have been asked, and asked, and asked
March 31, 2018

I think the best option is that they give us a sorting option that we can choose whether we want to sort it in ascending chronological order or descending chronological order. Sometimes reading the first posts is necessary for understanding where or how the debate has started. So, we certainly need both options.

Also, if they also let us sort the posts by the number of upvotes and downvotes that can be very handy when the discussion gets large. Most people may find themselves agreeing with some of the things said in the previous posts with the highest number of upvotes or downvotes and this way it won't be necessary for them to repeat what has been said earlier.

March 31, 2018
As a programming issue, a link to the last page of comments is a trivial thing to implement. It could be done with a single  line of code. For whatever reason, italki absolutely refuses to add it. I've tried numerous times over the last five years to convince them, but they won't budge. Good luck with your campaign :)
March 31, 2018
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