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Natalia St-Va
What’s going on? Revolution?

Having posted my discussion “ Let’s act together...” early today, reminds me a song “ What’s up” by 4 Non Blondes ( thanks, Jerry:) .

I love this song and have a kind of a summary in my mind:” what’s going on-revolution?”:)

It might be difficult but could you remember any changes in your life or your friends’ lives, or in a society which   figuratively speaking “Revolution”. It might be serious or something funny.

I personally have a funny association with a guy:) from a synagogue. I met him when I run our family business connected with tourism, and we became friends.

He is so unusual. Now it’s a seriously looking man with a beard and some attributes of religious Jews but I think he’s still a biker inside as he used to be before.

He always has millions ideas and calls me to share those or ask about help. The last one was hilarious as he wants to organize Jews in that synagogue to live and work according to his business processes. Believe me that I’ve never seen more relaxed society than people there. I couldn’t work with the synagogue as all plans were permanently destroyed. 

So, when he asked me about patterns which are used by management for describing business processes, my question was: “ Are you going to make revolution in the synagogue?”. And ... the answer was: “ Why not”:))

Btw , I’m Christian which might make situation even more funny.  

Do you remember any cases/events in your life, when you had association with revolution?

If not, let’s think I’ve just shared my story:))

Have a nice weekend!

 Thank you 

Mar 31, 2018 7:21 AM
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Mi Sha, it seems as Israel has taken our best showmen, right? So.... 

April 2, 2018
"Now it’s a seriously looking man with a beard and some attributes of religious Jews but I think he’s still biker inside as he used to be before."

Why not outside!? A hasidic biker (or otherwise religious Jewish biker with outward attributes of both) must be spectacular... (Not for hasidic peopel may be. But for Russian Jews and Russian Russians for sure).

March 31, 2018
All these heroes are already in Israel. There is no one left in St. Petersburg. 
March 31, 2018
KP, agree:) St Pete is waiting for these heroes.
March 31, 2018
Natalia, nothgin Jewish and not much of biker's things about this too, ut somehow I rememebered this cover picture:

March 31, 2018
Natalia St-Va
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