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The Times Are Changing…

At one time Winston Churchill said, that the main lesson of a history is that people don’t study the history. It means the simplest stuff that we should learn on our mistakes, but the truth is we still aren’t able to do that.
The last week showed me once again that it’s true. Yesterday at work my chief didn’t count a payment for 12 hours that my colleague had worked out. He said that he just forgot about that. Seriously?... When I called him to ask about my salary that has to be payed entirely next week, he had just said “Listen, get off and don’t freak me out. I have a vacation, so don’t think that only you are there who needs something”. Are you kidding me?! You’re the manager, you’re the chief, that’s your job to solve such problems. But no, there is no chance to make everything by a better way. Why? Because people are idiots and I guess, I will never stop repeating this expression.
The people working with me are leaving the company every single day, but the chief seems doesn’t care about that. A few days before one woman left. On upcoming Monday a driver will leave. I will leave on Wednesday. And yesterday the girl I have told you about before said to me that she will write a report next week too, because she can’t endure that circumstances anymore.
Bosses still reckon that they are majors and workers are just a used material. If people still think that way, it means they’re going to fall into a hole they’re digging for themselves. Why? Because such people are still too greed and stupid. That’s why they attach a particular importance to their own convenience, but unfortunately they’re too deaf for listening to the people they work with.

I would like to remind, it’s the XXI century – the time of new technologies, new moral values and new minds.
I have talked before about the reason which doesn’t allow me to come back home. Recently I had found out from my friend that the obvious military service doesn’t exist here in Poland. It was at one time, but they refuse it. So, why in my own country the government is too dumb to resign of that ridiculous and meaningless stuff? <o:p></o:p>

This is a new world. This is new times.
I don’t like too much modern alternative rock bands, but I like how the 30 Seconds to Mars sings in the song “Walk on Water”: “Times are changing!”.
And that’s right. Times are really changing and we have to change ourselves within it. We should change our minds and attitude to everything that can seem valuable but doesn’t allow us to become better.<o:p></o:p>

Everything that was valuable yesterday will be despicable and will cost nothing tomorrow.
We have to look at our mistakes, learn them and not to do it anymore. That’s the way we have to follow for saving our civilization. Because if we don’t, we’ll get stuck in the past and disappear once and for all.

Have you ever had similar thoughts which had been provoked by some unpleasant situation in your life? Please tell us about them. I'm sure it might be very interesting :1

P.S.: Please correct my note if mistakes are there. Thank You :)<o:p></o:p>

Mar 31, 2018 8:35 AM
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