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Mrs Tad
Do you remember? What was your most unforgettable day on Italki?
Mar 31, 2018 10:52 AM
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when I asked a question and realized it's invisible to other members. Because my account was suspended due to numerous reports.

I've never offended a single person directly in my life.

March 31, 2018
He was very handsome in his profile but it wasn't when I saw him on skype. He said, the picture was taken 10 years ago and he gained his weight a lot. hahaha! Unforgettable moment! Different man!
April 1, 2018
Maybe yesterday! 
March 31, 2018

@Mrs Tad

What's your level? I only use my former teacher's website (unfortunately he currently doesn't teach one-on-one): The website offers lots of interactive exercises. You can take a peek here: On Facebook he offers free interactive streams (last week it was about prepositions):

Currently, I only work with this website, listen to podcasts and do language exchange.


April 1, 2018
Yesterday!!!!!     my first video calling with a German tutor was yesterday. I was on a trip last day and I haven't any appropriate and good situation for chating and talking to him. I had a lot of stress! And the weather was very cold. After that I talked to him, I felt, our conversation wasn't bad as much as I thought! Because he had good and kind behavior with me :)                                                 I think, German people are very polite so when you talk to them, you have good feeling
April 1, 2018
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