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Dansk musik

I'm looking for suggestions of danish music band or singer who sings in danish. Any suggestions ? Tak :)

Mar 31, 2018 3:31 PM
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Here's a list:

Normal pop:

- Rasmus Seebach 

- Medina 

- Djames Braun

- Mads Langer 

- Burhan G

- Marie Key

- Gulddreng 

- Hjalmer

- Liga

- Page four

- Rasmus Walter

- Joey Moe

- Shaka Loveless

- Cisilia


Rap/Hip Hop:

- Nik & Jay

- Kesi

- Jimilian

- L.O.C

- Blak

- Gilli

- Topgunn

- Sivas

I hope that helps :-) 

April 2, 2018

I''d like to add Kim Larsen to Ida's fine list. Kim Larsen is one of the most popular singers and songwriters in Denmark. Here is one of his songs from the album 'Midt Om Natten' (in the middle of the night) that was also a movie. The song is called 'Papirsklip' (paper cutting.')

August 27, 2018

I need to support Jørgen: 

Kim Larsen is the most important Danish Musician! :) at least when it comes to Danish culture. 

ALL Danes know him, whether they are 5 or 90 years old. He's simply the most beloved Danish musician - and his album "Midt om Natten" is the best selling album in Denmark ever. He has made everything from pop to rock and he was a very good song writer. 

To show the diversity of his songs: 

 - Kim Larsen - Kringsat af Fjender (rock) 
(almost impossible to find the original on youtube but here it is: ) 
 - Kim Larsen - Susan Himmelblå (Pop)
 - Gasolin' - De Fem Årstider (silent) (Gasolin' is the first band that he played in - they mostly made rock music!) 
 - Kim Larsen - Hvis din far gi'r dig lov (just charming 70's music ;) ) 

If you want something else than Kim Larsen, try these bands/songs: 

 - Magtens Korridorer (rock)
 - Hvid Sjokolade - Kronisk Fastelavn (old school rap) 
 - EaggerStunn - Kugledans (rap)
 - Ulige Numre - København (song about Copenhagen)
 - Tina Dickow - Pigen ud af Århus (pop)
 - Panamah - DJ Blues (electronica) 
 - Rasmus Walter - Endeløst (pop)

May 22, 2019
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