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Vasiliy Kapitanskiy
Why is it so hard to find a language partner around here?

    Hi, my name is Vasiliy and I am struggling last few weeks with finding language partner on this site. From more than "IMAGINE A BIG NUMBER HERE" requests to random people I have received an answer back only from 2 people.

                    That is...beyond belief!...

    But I do not give up so easily, no! I still have faith in this site, community and myself

                    Strike me Lady Fortune with all your mightiness and help me to find a language partner I was always asking for!

    So I am bringing all my speaking abilities, power and strength here to attach all my energy to this post and to reach as many people as I can.

                    Hope this will work

    Enough jokes. Let's be DEAD SERIOUS D:

    I am definitely from Russia, want to learn English with someone on my level (B1-B2+) to talk about life, news, science, movies, (extreme-)sports and many other things everyone likes to do like eating pizza and travelling.

                    We will definetely find themes to talk!

    Someone probably would like to know that I am a software programmer, like sophisticated people and long talks about religion, socium and politics. Another important point here is that I do respect views of other people and their beliefs even if I do not agree with them. That's it, we both should take as much fun, knowledge and language expirience from such converstions as we can.

                    Indescribably vigorously wait for your messages!

But still: why is it so hard to find a language partner around here?

Mar 31, 2018 8:47 PM
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As is usually the case in such complaints you have written no information in your profile section about hobbies, particular interests. If there is competition to find a partner make it easier to find someone who might share an interest
March 31, 2018

The answer is very simple and should be obvious for software programmer, because you had definitely learned math statistics. Compare the number of the people, who wants to learn russian and speaks english with the number of people who wants to learn english and speaks russian. Those, who are native english speakers, can choose language partner on any characteristiс they want, like eye color, when we are just had to hope that somebody will be at least polite to say no, instead of ignoring us. And don't forget that everybody are very busy. The other reason, those who wants to learn languages are mostly people of humanities and prefer to speak with people of humanities. But you have chances to find 2-3 friends from 50-70 requests, especially after explaining to some people that you can't teach them russian from the null, when they are not speaking english. And after you refuse to enter several sects.

So, your question is almost rhetorical, but you have chosen funny form of asking. Are you sure you are not marketing specialist? This is a good move, I suppose.

April 1, 2018

I have to admit that it did take me a lot of time to find language partners.  I speak Hebrew and learning Arabic so I was looking for a native Arab that wants to learn Hebrew.  I've found on this site many native Arab speakers that were looking for a native Hebrew speaker to be their language partner and I've sent them a message, but only 2 answered me and they are my language partners.  Don't know why the others posted that they are looking for a native Hebrew speaker.  Anyway you should continue and try.  I'm very glad that I didn't give up because it really helps a lot to talk with someone using the language that you learn.  I'm really looking forward for my talks with my language partners and today I consider them  as friends of mine.


April 1, 2018

Well, your post is great. The funny thing is I always thought just the Germans are too busy to care for contacts...and I still didn't find out why it is like this. (Maybe also the scammers on here destroy a good deal of the is just full of them, just as side remark...)

Some one said to write notebooks. So people get interested in you. And it is true that some interesting contacts can develop.

And you did not even get a reply if you like wrote directly to someone about something you found interesting that person wrote about to discuss furthermore?

And I do not know if you saw this discussion? The English section seems to be pretty busy and I see some in a call like every day, maybe it is worth to check it out...if you like discord....

 Good luck!

 This my account is not chatting. Else I was stupid enough to offer myself...I cannot even handle those I know already. Try that discord. There are other languages on it, too.

March 31, 2018
  • Graham, I did write the info about me in request messages so it shouldn't be an issue — recepeints got it anyway. Definetely the problem is in something else.
March 31, 2018
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