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Question for Japanese Learners So my fellow Japanese learners, I have a question for you guys who are atleast an intermediate level.

How did you get to a point of structuring sentences?

Did you really have to learn tons of convenient vocabulary and grammar rules and conjugations before getting to your level?

Or is there other ways you've gotten to your point of sentence structuring?

I'm very interested to know the different ways you've learned to truly begin forming your own unique sentences in this language. All experiences are welcome to be posted! ありがとうございます!

1 apr 2018 04:04
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You're welcome!

Yes, it'll take some time (and motivation!), but so worth it once you find yourself able to communicate with some fluency without having to look up every other word. Best of luck!

1 april 2018


Yes, you do need a a wide range of vocabulary and sentence structures to be able to communicate with fluency in any language. 

I began my learning in a classroom environment. So every topic there'd be a list of vocabulary and sentence structures which used that vocabulary, and this was a good way to build up vocabulary and sentence structures. 

As we progressed through various topics and obtained a range of vocabulary and sentence structures, we progressed to what is called the "particle train". I can't remember off the top of my head what the complete train was (I'm sure other users could help you out here!), but it was something like:

time/place に subject は object を verb. At this point of our learning, we learned different conjugation rules for verbs. There are songs on youtube that could assist you in memorising the conjugation rules.

As for other ways to build up vocabulary, I listened to a lot of music, read manga  and watched anime. Other people swear by flashcards (anki is one I've seen mentioned multiple times). You have to find a method that you find interesting and works for you.

Good luck!

1 april 2018
I think the particle train and reading lots of sentences is quite useful! Though it will take lots of time to be able to remember and utilize all rules and vocabulary together.

Thanks for your thoughtful response!

1 april 2018
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