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Hello everyone. i'm learning english in academy and turkish by myself ,i'm trying to learn germany but i can't. i feel like i don't have time and i can't focus on learning 3 different languages at once. i want to push myself to manage my time and try to focus on learning these languages at once, so my questions are how many languages do you learn and how do you manage your time and focus on them at once? i'd be appreciate it so much if you give an advice or suggestion about it.

Thanks ^^

Apr 1, 2018 11:44 AM
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Learning three languages at the same time isn't an easy task and if you already have the feeling that you can't make the time to study German then it's maybe not your priority and it would be more advisable to first bring your Turkish to an intermediate level. But if you want to study German no matter what, you could reserve a certain time for German. Like just 10 minutes daily. Set yourself a small task and do only this task. Read a small paragraph. Write a couple of sentences. Revise some vocabulary. Only do those minutes. It's difficult to not find ten minutes. Or just first work only with an app like Duolingo and use it whenever when you have some dead time or listen to a podcast on your phone, while waiting for a bus for instance. Over time, you'll German will improve without much effort and time invested. When your Turkish is on a higher level, you can intensify your German study.  
April 1, 2018


That‘s great! And if you have any questions about German, don’t hesitate to ask me. 

April 2, 2018

@Miriam @Ivan @Liva.

thank you guys for your suggestions , you are right ;)

i'll work on turkish first , but @Miriam added a good point which's to use Duolingo app for german. actually i know that app and i'm using it for turkish ^^

April 2, 2018


I started out learning Portugues. Then I added two other languages plus I wanted to fresh up French. I still have one language I am pretty good at but I need to put in some effort to level up. And it does not work out for me...I am not working but run a 6 person family. I am totally determined. One language is ok. The second one, hm, maybe would be ok if it were not all new languages to me... But the third never gets its share. Not even those ten minutes not to loose the input I made on it. I do not give up. But honestly, if you have any life besides studying all day long focus on Turkish besides  your English studies and when you get to a level you feel ok with or get into reading and listening more than studying then start with learning German or any other language. Or struggle like me, get to nowhere, be frustrated and just have fun with it   ;)

April 1, 2018
Hi! Learning multiple languages at the same time is very hard because you need to invest the same amount of time for each language if you want to get results. However, hard does not mean impossible. My piece of advice would be trying to use your languages as much as possible: reading books, listening to music, watching films and tv-series and so on.
April 1, 2018
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