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How do you celebrate April Fools' Day in your country? :)

I'm from Serbia and we usually joke around with our friends, making up crazy stories just to prank them and we do practical jokes as well. I like pranking my friends and my mom especially, cause she's gullible and falls for it every single time :D

After the joke, we say "April-lili-lili!" (April Fools!).

2018年4月1日 15:15
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When I studied at univercity, I phoned (at the time there were no mobile phones) to a girl friend, who lived with parents, and asked her to let me sleep that night at her home, because I got in some sort of troubles. I was persuading her for maybe 10 minutes, and finally she agreed, inspite of what would think her father. Then I phoned again, and just congratulated her.
In Montenegro, our best joke is really just saying "Your blood pressure dropped" or "Pao ti je pritisak" and then the person usually looks down and starts to look for it LOL :D it's a dumb joke but really funny. We usually say that during lessons, whispering.. and it's better that way because you can't hear each other. :D But this year it was on Sunday so we could only make up stories and prank call :D 
And we also say April-ilililil..  

The first time 1st of April was celebrated in Poland in the 16th century. The holiday came from Germany. Now when we joke with our friends, we say 'Prima Aprelis'.

Before this special day was introduced in Poland, we  had celebrated 'the day of jokes' on the 12 March in order to pay tribute to St George's day. But then only children were allowed to make fun.


Unfortunately we don't have this celebration here in Italy, since it happens that today coincides with a national holiday. So right now our President is speaking to the nation (generally the public speech lasts about a quarter of an hour), then he will move to the "Vittoriano" ( where he will jump through a ring of fire (a symbolic gesture, he is seventy-six years old so the ring will be just a few centimeters over the ground), like our first deputies did long years ago, the very day in which the Italian Constitution was declared (although some people are of the opinion that elements of this tradition date back to the Middle Ages).

Youtube has a video of last year speech:


Sitting in front of computer in Poland and reading and writing some jokes in my discussion 'Today is the 1st of April!'.

I have been discussing the topic for a few hours during the day. 

It is your turn now, Dimitrije!

We all need to have a smile, many smiles!

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