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Yavuz Selim Tufan
Hello guys! I want to open a discussion about the World Cup which will face us in a few month.
What do you think about it?
Which country has good chances to win the cup?
Apr 1, 2018 7:41 PM
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I really hope Tresor is wrong in his predictions. It is so boring when the same teams keep winning. As he chose four I will also choose four but without giving detailed reasons for my choices. I just want a different team to win.

My favourite is Morocco.

My other choices are Iran, Peru and Costa Rica.

Que la meilleure équipe puisse perdre  (pardon my awful French)

April 1, 2018
There are, at least, 4 serious teams I see prepared to win this world cup and here are my reasons:
- Germany: as always the Mannschaft is as reliable as a German car. They are the current holder and they have very good players such Tony Kroos or Ter Stegen.
- Brazil : since the last world cup they have won almost every single game they have played. I hope Neymar and Coutinho will shine enough to win them the title.
- Spain : They won it once and have a bunch of very good players (Asensio, Isco, Silva,...). Their actual coach seems to have a more pleasant and vertical football than his predecessor.
- France : they have played a very good football since the last European cup. In terms of individuals talents they are, maybe, the most gifted with players like Mbappe, Pogba, Dembele,...

I'm also sure that, Belgium who has extremely talented players, won't create a surprise if he comes to win it!

Finally, as we use to say in French, QUE LE MEILLEUR GAGNE!
April 1, 2018

Belgium have really experienced players:

Hazard, Lukaku, Cortois, Company, Fellaini, Batshuayi, Benteke, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Origi, Mirallas, Chadli, Mignolet, Vermaelen, Januzaj, all play or have recently played in the English Premier League.

April 2, 2018
I have to say that tresor and tiago gave realistic views about chances of teams to win the world cup. I am suprised about the sympathy with belgium, because I have the same feelings like tiago. In my opinion is the problem of Belgium that they have not enough experience with playing against teams in a high level as well as Germany, Spain..
Graham I think you realized on your own that your ideas are just an utopia. To be honest I agree with your statement to say that is boring (in my opinion not exciting) that there are only four teams which comes in mind to win the world cup. But if you think about the german Bundesliga you have to see that it is much boring than the world cup. Bayern Munich wins to 99% the sixth or seventh time in a row the title.
I think we have to worry about the national leagues in europe before the teams at the world cup, because the players play usually in these national leagues.
April 1, 2018

Hey guys, yep the world cup fever is getting on me again... I'm crazy about Football (just as almost every average Brazilian :p )

Well, please let us not discuss the 7x1 it still hurts too much :(

Well thinking with the reason I say Germany may won again... Spain has solid chances as well, I mean, look at their midfielders... Brazil, well we're doing fair enough since the tragedy of last world cup but even being Brazilian I'll support another nation as a second team that I'll cheer for in this world cup... Belgium... Yes guys, Belgium... I'm a huge fan of their squad.. they don't have tradition and as we say here the shirt sometimes makes difference but this is their golden generation, many world class players and they're my favorite team when a play FIFA 18 online :p... Sure I hope that Neymar end this world cup as the best player of the world with the cup title won but if Brazil couldn't do it then I hope that Belgium can :p

April 1, 2018
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