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I was once interested in a software used to make interactive visualizations. While learning how to use it I became in contact with open-source software and how the process works. One great thing about open-source software is a tool called Github (there may be others) which allows for the interaction among all collaborators: it has a structure and methods which work and allow for a software to be in constant improvement.

What I find remarkable is the way in which a critic becomes a source of improvement. So, instead of being perceived as a negative thing, a critic is actually a desire for a new feature, which can be discussed and incorporated down the road into the software if someone or a group works on it. These features are part of an ISSUES list, which is a dynamic thing.

So I wonder if there are some things you wish italki had.

I wish for instance:

- it had an issues list:

- that questions, notebook entries or discussions where tagged, so that you could search for them.

- The notifications and messages have a bug, because the indicator  don't seem to be removed dynamically as the notifications of messages are read.

- That we could have an editable list of current things we are learning, like words, expressions, etc.

- A change control feature, so that corrections are easier to make.

Apr 1, 2018 8:42 PM
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