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Do you have tried the fabulous integrated" instant language translator" in the latest SKYPE ?

I am very excited to talk you about this new tool that I had fun testing it with my foreign contacts and it's just stunning! Finished the language barrier and place to rich and developed discussions! Besides, it is a great way to enrich your vocabulary and to understand the construction of the foreign sentences.

If you have always dreamed to exchange with your Chinese/Russe/Greek (and many more) contact, and asking her/him questions about her/his culture: Now it's easy! Everyone writes in their native language and all is immediately translated in real time ... It can translate calls in 13 languages and instant messages into 48 languages !!! 

Instead of preventing or lulling "our enthusiasm to learn a new language", it boosts it and gives it an even more powerful motivation! Because from the first contact, you can directly discuss, as in your native language, and get into the heart of the exchange: How do you say that typical expression? do you know this cultural idiom from my country? etc ... More we discuss and more our thirst for culture on the other becomes exponential :)

I'm deeply convinced that a world that communicates better in his diverse cultures becomes a more peaceful world ...


Apr 1, 2018 9:58 PM
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Part 2 (This bad limitation of comments !!! I am obliged to share my answer ^^)

Of course, the translators, there are already full (and none is really ideal), but what I find great with this one is that it is in real time "during" the conversation. Even if, as you say, you prefer to translate for yourself (and it is legitimate and desirable, the objective is always to learn one or more languages ​​^^), you do not master all the languages ​​either, then by this means, you immediately released from what previously prevented from discussing with almost ALL the peoples of the world: a different language.

For me, and that's why I feel enthusiastic, it is neither more nor less like the arrival of the internet: the world has become accessible at the click of a mouse, and I could begin to discover it at me. And with this kind of technological progress, I can now communicate with him, and better understand him "from the inside".

But it's my feeling, I have a Peter Pan soul, and it's very subjective :)
April 2, 2018
Part 1) No, no, not for business or things "trivial and superficial" like shopping :)

I spoke from a "really deep" point of view: I find that this translator integrated into Skype, even if it is perfectible is a small revolution in the world of linguistic exchange, and more pragmatically in the evolution of human relationships:

The more cultures know each other and understand each other and the more the world can benefit from it in terms of appeasement and tension, often, whether in couples, friendships, or other contexts, it is the fear of difference, the incommunicability, the incomprehension of who is this other who contains negative schemas, which should open: the heart ...

What I find great in this "instant" translator is that it abolishes the "usual limitations" of the learner: timidity, fear of being ridiculous, looking for his vocabulary, having to limit his thinking (and in my case is terribly frustrated) lack of mastery and knowledge in the language of the other, in short, it destroys the "shackles" of a real spontaneous and rewarding communication, at a first approach with a foreign contact which one do not know the language.
April 2, 2018
Partie 2 ( fichue limitation des commentaires !!! c'est la plaie ce truc ! obligé de scinder ma réponse ^^)

Certes, des traducteurs, il en existe déjà tout plein ( et aucun n'est réellement idéal ), mais ce que je trouve génial avec celui-ci, c'est qu'il est temps réel "pendant" la conversation. Même si comme tu le dis, tu préfères traduire par toi même ( et c'est légitime et souhaitable, le but étant tout de même d'apprendre une ou des langues ^^), tu ne maitrises pas toutes les langues non plus, alors que via ce biais, tu t'affranchis immédiatemment de ce qui empêchait auparavant de discuter avec quasi TOUS les peuples du monde: un langage différent.

Pour moi, et c'est pour cela que je me sens enthousiaste, c'est ni plus ni moins comme l'arrivée d'internet: le monde est devenu accessible d'un seul clic de souris, et j'ai pu commencer à le découvrir de mon domicile. Et avec ce type d'avancée technologique, je peux à présent, communiquer avec lui, et mieux le comprendre " de l'intérieur".

Mais bon c'est mon ressenti, j'ai une âme de Peter Pan, et c'est donc hautement subjectif :)

April 2, 2018
Partie 1) Non, non, pas pour les affaires ou les choses " triviales et superficielles" comme du shopping :)  

Je parlais d'un point de vue "réellement profond": je trouve que ce traducteur intégré à skype, même s'il est perfectible est une petite révolution dans l'univers de l'échange linguistique, et plus pragmatiquement dans l'évolution des rapports humains: 

Plus les cultures se connaissent et se comprennent et plus le monde peut en profiter en appaisement et tensions, souvent, que ce soit dans les couples, les amitiés, ou autres contextes, c'est la peur de la différence, l'incommunicabilité, l'incompréhénsion de qui est cet autre qui renferme vers des shémas négatifs, ce qui devrait s'ouvrir: le coeur…

Ce que je trouve génial dans ce traducteur " instanné", c'est qu'il abolit les " limitations habituelles" de l'apprenant : Timididité, peur d'être ridicule, de chercher son vocabulaire, de devoir limiter sa pensée (et dans mon cas en être terriblement frustré) faute de maitrise et de connaissance dans la langue de l'autre, bref, il détruit les "entraves" d'une vraie communication spontanée et enrichissante, lors d'une première approche avec un contact étranger dont on ne connait pas ou peu le langage.

April 2, 2018

That seems very handy... for business or if I would buy some articles from a Chinese or Japanese shop and had some need to communicate with the seller.

But I use Skype to learn and practice languages. So no need to translate I do it by myself.

I also think that Skype translator works only on a desktop and not on a smartphone and it uses BING (they all are from the Microsoft company). Bing is terrible! Google translate is far more better.

Sorry Arnaud, you seemed so enthusiastic. I didn’t want to belittle what you wrote, you surely have many occasions to use this application to your convenience.

April 2, 2018
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