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My mistake ? [emoji] This is a part of my passage. Please show me my mistake and if you have 10 marks , will my passage be given?

"Speaking of amount of time that i tighted up my budget i want to talk about what was happen 2 years ago.

actually, in this time i had to write an essay about a Vietnamese historian in English. i didnt know what i was going to do because everything was still up in the air. Then i always stayed up with oil and tryed my best to resive all nessery lessons. i devoted time to finding the information on the internet too. finally i passed my exam with flying color making my parent prouded of me then my mother decided to award me a considerable sum of money and allowed me buy an useful good and you know i always think about a dreaming phone: the Iphone X. Unluckyly my rewarding was deficient which was the reason why i had a parttime job.

i chose being a tutor over being a staff of a fashion shop. after 4 months a little girl' mother was very thankful to me for Math score of her daughter growing steeply and i earned enough money to complete my plan."

Thank you!

Apr 2, 2018 10:14 AM
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I can do a little bit of correction in your passage.Firstly:
1)Your way of using capital letter in the sentence.
2)After using fullstop you should start again with capital letter.
There are some other mistakes as well.However you can improve it after learning some more.
April 3, 2018

The italki web site will not let me edit your text in a comment. You need to repost it as a Notebook entry so people will have room to place corrections in it. Thanks. 

April 3, 2018
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