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A silly story. Just to practice. Any correction is welcome :)

Last night I woke up startled, I heard a loud noise downstairs in the kitchen. I was very scared but  had to go to find out what was it, so I put on my flip flops, took a golf club, held onto my prayer beads and headed down, praying that it wans´t a thief.

 I descend every step with the most possible care to make noise, which It wasn´t easy because there were many objets scattered along the stairs like chips, plastic bags, disposabe cups, bottles and those kinds of things. I forgot to mention that in the afternoon, there was a party in my house for Ana´s birthday and approximately sixty people were hanging around, so you can imagine how it  looked like.

When I got to the hall I could hear that the noise came from the fridge! I wondered who would want to steal food. May be an animal, I thought so I was approaching slowly to the kitchen but when I discovered the origin of the noise I got a big surprise! It was Santa Claus and he was eating birthday cake! I couldn´t believe what I was seeing! I said to him: “What are you doing?!” And he said: “Oh! I´m so sorry, I should have asked for permmision but I had been working all night; I was so tired and hungry that I couldn´t resist to eat a piece of cake. What can I do to fix it?” “Let me think,” I said. “I want one of your magical reindeers.” “Ok” said Santa. “Great! You can finish the cake.” J

Apr 2, 2018 9:21 PM
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"I descend every step with the most possible care to make noise"

This sounds like you are trying to make a lot of noise.

Maybe instead, say:

"I descend every step, taking the most possible care to remain silent"


"I descend every step, taking care to remain absolutely silent"

"so you can imagine how it  looked like."

Either say "how it looked" or "what it looked like"

"May be an animal" "Maybe an animal"

"approaching slowly to the kitchen"

Try "approaching the kitchen slowly" or "slowly approaching the kitchen"

"I couldn´t resist to eat" "I couldn't resist eating"

The plural of reindeer is reindeer.

Very good though, entirely coherent and funny ☺
You seem to me like you are at a level higher than A2.

April 2, 2018
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