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Are we addicted to positive feedback?

I've found an interesting article today. The author of the article says that we should be immune to both positive and negative feedback when we want to achieve our goals. The link to this article you can find below:

But can we go on without any feedback at all?

Why am I asking this question today? On the first of April I had some free time and I decided to read a few discussions here on italki, and to comment some of them. Unfortunately I had no access to any computer, so I used my mobile phone's application. I've heard that app had some technical issues and the 2.5.1 version didn't work as it was supposed to. Or maybe it was some other kind of problem. I'm unsure of it.
Anyway... I've started with commenting the interesting discussion (thanks for this one @Snarling) about the frustration concerned with being downvoted here. My opinion was that it shouldn't matter at all, but I feel some disappointment and frustration about the votes. After that I commented a few discussion more and to my surprise the votes I got in all these threads were exactly '0'. I've started to think: 'Were my comments so bad? Too long to read them? Italki team decided to show me the voting system is necessary? Or was it just the application bug?'. I don't know. But it tells me something about me - I'm addicted to getting a feedback.

And you? What do you think about the article I mentioned in the first paragraph? Do you consider a feedback being useful? Are you addicted to it (here on italki? in other social media? in your real life?)?

You can comment it here. If you want to make a correction, please do it in this notepad entry:

Apr 2, 2018 9:29 PM
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No, no, no. If you are a creator and you get paid to create stuff you have to listen to feedback. You don't have to follow it blindly (you mustn't in fact), but you have to take it into account, especially from the (prospective) client. If you can't accept people judging your work or feel you work only to receive shallow praises, then that's something you should change, not shut off and make excuses about what a masterpiece you're going to make if you just follow your inner genius and ignore the world around you.

This guy in the link put a click-bait title and contradicted himself, trying to cram "don't listen to feedback" and "don't be a slave to feedback" advice in the same post. Won't be buying his book.

April 4, 2018
I really make sure to read the feedbacks i don't know if I'm an addicted
April 4, 2018
I guess the problem is that what someone sees as just an opinion may be highly offensive to another person. It is easy to offend unknowingly, especially in a multicultural environment such as this one where we all have vastly different life experiences. Of course, ideally, the person should be able to explain why they are offended. But they may either not be able to formulate it, or not wish to get involved in an unpleasant discussion and risk getting offended even more.
April 5, 2018

Thanks Yvona and Sergey. I try to take it easy, but sometimes it is a sign that someone has seen the comment.

Thanks Chizuko. Yes - it shows that someone has seen the comment, but doesn't necessarily show if someone has read it. And this is good attitude to the negative points - thinking if I have done something wrong... and if I had done the things right - someone's opinion is no longer my problem. I'm not paid for my comments in any way ;-)

Thanks Grzybek. After reading the article I felt I can't fully agree with the author. My first impression was similar to yours. The author sees himself as an artist who create great things. Maybe he has reached such a position that his clients will pay for everything he creates... or maybe he hopes to be highly esteemed by future generations.

April 4, 2018
Hi, Marcin. Take it easy, it's only the kind of a strange game, to vote or downvote any invisible mysterious people. However, I'll vote your article to give you a little part of good emotion:)
April 4, 2018
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