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how can I improve my listening? I have several years learning English , first I started with English courses, I finished them and now by myself but I don't feel I can understand very well when I see videos in English like the news, I don't have access to the tv in English, just videos on youtube, of course I can repeat them over and over but it's not the same like watching tv because you only watch them once and it supposes you get the message, with repitition I don't know if it's really hepful because you play over and over until you understand.  For example I can understand more or less English speakers from United States talking to me, but I always ask them if that's natural way of speed of speaking to me or it's just a way of speaking in order that I can understand them, and they told me they slow down the speed of speaking because in real life they speak fast as the same I do with Spanish, that's my first language, please can you share with me your experience if you are a non English speaker or tips please? 
Apr 2, 2018 9:50 PM
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Two websites that I am finding useful in improving my listening skills in Spanish also provide help with English:



Both basically involving listening to videos, but they are both structured experiences, with questions and feedback. involves music videos, real music videos not intended for teaching, accompanied by printed lyrics with blanks to fill in. You can choose either to fill the blanks by typing or by choosing from a list of four possibilities.

April 3, 2018
The way you speak is the way you expect to hear. Even if your pronunciation is inaccurate, natives will understand you, but the closer your pronunciation is to that of natives, the better your listening comprehension will be. Go ahead and post an audio as a discussion, and I’m sure you’ll get lots of free advice. You can take a look at some of the discussions I’ve started to get an idea — here I am, trying to speak Mandarin Chinese:

Although I agree that you should also attempt to get some live, unscripted material (scarce on YouTube), YouTube can still be very useful. I like to fool around with the playback speed — you can slow down or speed up a video to introduce variety to your listening practice. Slow speed is great for an initial shadowing session, to hear and imitate native pronunciation patterns. High speed can help prepare you for real life — like how runners may train at high altitude and then race at sea level. Also, you’d be surprised that high speed can actually be easier to follow (once you’re used to it), since you get to the end of a sentence before you have time to forget the beginning. This makes you pay attention to the whole context, instead of getting stuck on individual words. 
April 2, 2018
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