Long time no see! Now I want to discuss the topic about self-control

Most people find a problem that there is less and less time for u to improve your-self after leaving school.We have to work  and we are tired , we need entertainment, so the time of improvement becoming less.We all know we should set a part of time to learn , however we always keep learning few days and  then give up , how to defeat the desire of fun?

Apr 3, 2018 10:53 AM
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Well, your idea definitlly is a good idea, I must make something interesting.Thank you very much, I will try my best.
April 4, 2018

Hello, Guozhejing :) Let me share an idea I'm actually practicing.

To see the last line you have written --how to defeat the desire of fun?--, it seems you have the premise that the desire for fun is something works negatively. But here is the key. It is vital to make studying entertaining so you don't have to spare time to study and to refresh separately. 

In tact, the science on motivation has elucidated the concept of "instrumental motivation" and "integrative motivation." The former is the idea to do something feeling you must do it. The latter, on the other hand, is to do something because you want to. More importantly, you can make something that you have done with instrumental motivation integrative, if you can find delight of learning something in itself.

Being able to like anything, including something you once find unpleasant, is a kind of skills.

April 3, 2018
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