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Do interviews change depending on which country they are held in?

I had a really fantastic interview coaching session with a student yesterday and we talked about elements of the process that are quite specific to 'British' interviews. I've never really thought about it in too much detail before, but there are some very 'British' interview elements. For example, your first question will almost always be regarding the weather or your journey!

What are some quirks of interviews in your own country? Have you ever been shocked by something unusual in an interview abroad? 

Fascinating topic. Friendly reminder that as we are discussing cultures; so keep it open, friendly, inquisitive and understanding!

3 Th04 2018 13:04
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Yes, on my experience. Interviews in Spain are quite friendly but it depends on the size of the company or the structure. E.g. companies runned by a family or small companies are usually friendlier.
3 tháng 4 năm 2018
Interviews may also change among companies within a country, or even in a city. I would say there could be traditional companies, where you are expected to be dressed in a certain way and follow some rules, whereas in others, like tech companies, you may be supposed to wear t-shirts and be young. So, it may be a hard choice whether you adapt yourself to what you are expected to be or you present yourself just as you are. 
3 tháng 4 năm 2018
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