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The teacher disappointed me too much

I am not satisfied with one teacher. He canceled our lesson once. He claimed he send message before 24 hours.

At that time I waited in front of computer. I realized when our lesson started.

I did not want to study that teacher. But I already paid point. I booked again.



Before that I send ILETS PDF file(P240) which I request to want the particular page, not all.

When our lessen started, he just claimed that I send P240 page file. He did not try to understand what I want to study (I just wanted to study a few pages. The PDF covered all).

I did not try to read my PDF. I send sentence by sentence. He went claiming his opinion.


How can I avoid that kind of teacher on italki??


Apr 3, 2018 3:02 PM
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We all run into the odd unreliable teacher despite the fact they have taught many lessons and have positive reviews.It's impossible to avoid entirely. 

However, it's up to you to enforce your standards. If you were unhappy with the fact the teacher rescheduled without timely notice, you do have the option of refusing the reschedule request and being refunded. You can also state there was a problem once the lesson time has passed and ask to be refunded as a resolution. 

In short, italki does offer measures to protect students against this kind of behavior. It's very likely that they would side with you in a dispute. So the next time you get the sense a teacher is very unreliable, don't feel obligated to work with him.

April 3, 2018

It really stinks that you had to go through that.  Sometimes choosing a teacher is just the luck of the draw.  What I would do is see how many lessons the teacher taught, whether they are a community tutor or a teacher who has certification, and read the types of reviews that the teacher got.  

If you need a tutor to prepare for the IELTS, then paying a little more for a teacher with certification for teaching IELTS may be a good move.  

Good luck next time!

April 3, 2018

That's why I could not trust him too much.
----> That means you trust him very much. 

Because you are not very fluent to express yourself, I personally suggest you may try to select some teachers who are also good at your native language with which you may communicate better and more with less misunderstanding.
April 22, 2018

Well Yukiko, maybe the teacher had some valid reasons to cancel the session. I can understand your disappointment, it can happen now and then, but it’s not that big deal. You have plenty of other teachers here on italki you can choose from.

Did I understand correctly, did you send a PDF file of 240 pages? Jeez the teacher must have felt overwhelmed.

April 9, 2018

Really sorry to hear that you had a problem with the teacher.  The Italki staff are there to help you sort out problems so if it happens again or you still have paid sessions with this tutor but you don´t to continue with him contact the support people at Italki.

As a tutor on Itakli,  I have contacted them a couple of times and they have always responded very quickly. One time I contacted them because I had a regular student ask to postpone a class because she was sick.   I wanted her to be able to reschedule without penalty for postponing her lesson very close to the time of the lesson.

If I can help you can find me here

April 9, 2018
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