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House rules
Looking for help to correct some sentences! Hello! my Portuguese landlord made some rules for house and asked me to translate it into English. Could you please help me to correct it? Thank you very much! The text is below:

I want to ask for your attention to the following three points:

1-  Noises at the rest time: I’d like to ask you to not make noises at the rest time (9 pm to 9 am), as some people need to rest in these hours. Therefore, the use of sound appliances, as well as other activities that may break the peace of the house during these hours are prohibited.

2- Untidy kitchen:  after using the kitchen, it should be maintained in a tidy and clean condition. The dishes should not be left unwashed. And the food should not be left in the kitchen without placing it in an appropriate recipient or outside of the fridge. The food that is found outside the conditions as above mentioned will be placed into the garbage.

2-    Washing machine-  the washing machines continues to be used to wash small quantity of clothing. In this way, it not only contributes to the increase of the cost of the electricity,  but also does harm to the washing machine. So from today, when the  small quantity of clothes in the machine is found, I will take it from the machines and keep it. The clothes will be returned after the payment of a penalty of 10 euros.

These points is a part of the general rules of the house. I hope they could be fulfilled, otherwise, i will have to take other measures.

Thank you very much
Apr 3, 2018 4:51 PM
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