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What do you use italki for? This question is about how is of complicated to find language partner in italki.
I send several message and never i have answer. I can understand this people have a lot of languages partners and now they don´t want any new partner but,then  i wonder   why this people never answer.
I like learning languages, my goal is learn english very well and i think that people is here for same. Sometimes i wonder if by they are tired and that´s why they don´t answer.
Then , my question is... What is your opinion? Thanks
Apr 3, 2018 5:23 PM
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Hi Alberto. 

Speaking from my personal experience, I never got any messages when I didn't have a profile picture. Then, only moments after I uploaded a picture, I was bombarded by messages - even 20 a day.  All messages (except for one) were from men.

I don't know everyone's intention, and I'm sure were legitimate desire to talk and exchange language help. But it feels a bit like an online dating website, and I don't like being hit on or catcalled, so I just tend to ignore all of them. 

I'm sorry that you haven't had many responses, but the internet can be a frustrating and scary place for women. 

That being said, feel free to message me and we can chat. :)
April 3, 2018
I'm here primarily to spread fake news and collect downvotes.
April 3, 2018

Maybe you should try correcting texts in Spanish, because there are lots of them written by English native speakers. I saw on you profile that you have never corrected something or answered to a question about Spanish. I think these people would enjoy your help/comment/correction and your chance to get a language partner will increase. A few days ago I read a text from an English native speaker, probably from England - he said that he talked to many people, but could not find anyone that is really interested in a language exchange Eng/Spa.

Although I have a very poor English, no photo of me and nothing about me on my profile, I receive a day at least three messages from men (even from English native speakers) and I rarely answer to them. I am not willing to answer to "hi how are you" or "hi let's study english together do you have skype? what's your phone number?". I also do not like to answer messages from people who have just registered (in my experience they never come back) or that have never posted a text or a question or never taken a class. 

I think that many people are tired and maybe they get so many messages (most "hi" messages) that they have no will to answer, specially when they write on their profile what they are looking for and not always they are interested in learning the language that the other person has to offer.

Answering to your question -> I take classes because the prices in Italki are much cheaper than private lessons where I live and I have some partners (from the USA and Germany) or people I like to talk with - but I agree that is quite difficult to find someone with interests in common, and time to become a partner.

April 3, 2018

Hi Alberto,

I have the same impression and am also a little bit disappointed.

Sometimes people just pretend to be interested in the first place, let you talk and then... nothing comes back from them, not even a short message saying: sorry, I don't have the time anymore or just a polite goodby note.

What I also dislike are these flirty messages (hence the profil pic with nothing but a lovely London skyline). Or these short ones like just "Hi". I mean, nothing informative, social or a tiny little story why they are interested in an exchange, how do people expect others to answer to that?

I think one needs time and patience to find the right language partner here.

It's important to create a real win-win situation. If you expect somebody to help you, you yourself have to be willing to do it, too.

Also don't stop looking for a language partner outside the virtual world, if you can. :-)

April 3, 2018
So, a problem is men, I really do not understand why people use this website to annoy people, it seems incredible to me that people do this.
Personally, I'm here just to talk and learn English. I think it's great to be able to talk to people from other countries.
From my point of view, it seems ridiculous to me that people use this website to flirt when there are many websites for this.
Of course, I respect this because I do not have the absolute truth, and people can think differently than I do.
I know that another problem is the different time zone, as i am from Spain, it would be complicated to speak with other people that there aren´t in Europe.
April 3, 2018
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