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education in your country What do you think about education in your country?
Apr 3, 2018 10:05 PM
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I have to disagree with some of the other US citizens here and say that generally it's pretty good. We're not one of the top 10 countries in test scores, but our education system consistently produces many of the finest professionals in the world. Our universities aren't free or cheap, but they are high quality.
April 4, 2018
Here in U.A.E there are different curriculums from all around the world.  I think there is approximately 30 systems. 
Most of students are going to private schools. The priority in Government schools   is with local students, then with the rest if there is capacity. 
Policies are changing regularly and it is very hard to comply with all of it.
Overall depending on the system, there are good and bad schools. But the fees are super high and mostly people cannot afford it.
Education has become a very good business  and unfortunately they keep seeing it as business. 
April 4, 2018

there is nine-year compulsory education in china,which include primary school,middle school and high school.It is an vital institution in education of china.Chhildren learn a lot from this system and we all benefit from it.If u want to be professional or learn more ,you have to enter university even more graduate school.

most people know that chinese sudents are good at math,because of this system require student finish math curriculum at every stage.

If u want learn more , u can add me,we can exchange some idea.

April 4, 2018

Thank god ,, as I thought other countries might be better than India in field of education . however in India educational system is quite good a CBSE is the main organisation to educate us. And it marks students in scholastic and co- scholastic too . so, we have lots of fun along with studies but it is only till 12th . after that we have to go to university and study more but that's OK I feel .

So I think in India education is not best but better .

April 4, 2018
I'm Egyptian, education in my country is very good..but it doesn't match with the work market... So..after graduation we have to get another courses to help us in worklife
April 4, 2018
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