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Looking for people for talk in english Hi dear people! I wonder if there are people here that wants to practise conversation in english! In fact I signed up here to meet people and exchange skills! Whether you are foreign people and are learning portuguese, I could help you! Do you want to add me as a friend for practising?
2018년 4월 5일 오전 1:15
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Send me your phone number in private message and i will add you in my group chat in whatsapp. I and my friends we have a conversations every day)))
2018년 4월 5일
Hey, what's up? Yeah, let's do it I'm also trying my English.. I'm living in United States of America at the moment but i was born in Brazil like you.. i think so, right? So i'm new here at this community just let me know and let's go to practice whenever you want just schedule a time
2018년 4월 5일
Hello I speak Spanish and learn English. I need to practice it. But I don't have good English
2018년 4월 5일
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