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Will men in your country refuse admitting they're wrong and find excuses immediately

As I know, most of my male friends and classmates would refuse to admit immediately we point out they're wrong.

They're overconfident, and pretend they know everything, and others are always ignorant. But I think even people with a lower working ability than them, they still can learn a lot from others. Sometimes they would directly take their behavior as right even though it's totally rude.

For example, lamps in our dorm will go out at 11pm automatically (that means no electricity in dorms after 11pm), thus most people would go to sleep at 11pm. Bob and Alice made an appointment at 11pm and Alice would give some documentary to Bob for the next day class. Bob didn't show up until 12pm, and Alice is so mad and asked why he's so late. He just answered "I'm just a bit late, that's not a big deal." He even didn't notice he was wrong, or just refused to admit he's wrong. 

There are countless stories to tell. How about you, men in your country will also act as this?

Another better story, I asked my friend to open the computer in the lab before 6pm so I can remote it in my dorm. He made his promise but didn't come back to lab that night because he went to play majiang with other classmates. I didn't ask him cause it's not such an emergency. But he apologized to me and self-examined that he should learn to say no when he didn't want to play majiang, and he should be responsible to what he had promised. That's the most sincere attitude I've ever seen. 

Apr 5, 2018 3:21 AM
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I have a slightly odd sexist view, I believe that women grow up much faster than men, so a 20 year old man is as mature as a 15 year old woman mentally.  Hence, there has to be a bit of forgiveness for the young lads.   This is confused by them into entitlement.

I also believe that women are fundementally better at business than men and that a well organised company should have more women than men in senior positions.  Which is a very interesting debate in the UK as today is the day when all the large companies have to publish their wage gender inbalance.  Guess what, men earn more than women.

April 5, 2018
Lol. Yeah, I think it’s caused by one of the genes on the Y chromosome. Of course, the ladies have their own weird behaviors as well....  :)

April 5, 2018
Yvonne - 12pm is noon. 12am is midnight. In my personal experience, Chinese women are more punctual than men but also more scheming. Choose your poison! 
April 5, 2018
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