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Do you imagine life without the social media? Hi. Most people use Instagram or Facebook to contact others. Some uses messengers for private or professional purposes. My question as in the title: Do you imagine life without the social media? Have you ever tried to cut yourself off from the virtual world? 
Apr 5, 2018 8:22 AM
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I am not native English speaker, (therefore my English not much good).

My opinion is bit different, look back into your childhood, in the past 2001 or before, when the internet was not common, people have much time to meet their real friends and family. I remembered we always wait the summer long holidays for return back in the village to see our cousin, uncles, aunt and ....... I  had a lot of time to visit or play... and then ... I get access to the internet. ..  now a days quit different than my childhood, for me (and for everybody) it's enough to say hello on social media to our old friends / families. we don't bother to meet them in real life. Ya, this is gift from Social Media.
and specially, since the social media became commercial, it's engaged us more then ever. Now, we can't think to live without social media. it's compulsory for our life like as food.
or we need to reduce it's usage. stay in limit. . . but it's seem difficult.  

April 5, 2018
I have a Facebook page but never use it or look at it. I tried deleting it last night and it was so difficult (because Facebook made it that way) I gave up. I’ll figure it out so all data is permanently deleted and the entire page is extinguished. I haven’t posted on it in months. I don’t even know what Instagram is, nor do i care to know. Your life is better without social media. Not the other way round. 
April 5, 2018

If there was no social media, I think everybody would be more productive and there would be better communication at home, even though there are some actual great uses for social media (like instant communication, or linkedin to let others know who you are). But in its vast majority it's just a waste of time, i.e., leisure, but beyond the amount you should have.

We are still learning how to cope with social media, either you go down the road and get lost being unproductive and physically isolated or you decide to have some discipline and control your use social media.

April 5, 2018
I've never created a Facebook account. And I never considered it being a serious problem. When someone wants to contact me and I agree to that I simply give him my phone number, e-mail or Skype Id. Of course I was thinking about Facebook a few times when someone of my friends or family members preferred this form of contact. But I usually convinced those people to use WhatsApp or other less 'social' means of communication. A few times I came across a company advertisement of a type 'Become our fan on Facebook'. And then I was thinking 'Ok. So I'm probably not in your target customers group '.
Of course I sometimes use social media oriented towards special purpose (like Italki is oriented at learning languages). Sometimes I send photos to my friends (cheaper than via MMS) but I prefer to have the control over the list of recipients and avoid posting world-visible content.
I prefer meeting my friends in the real world. When the time and distance doesn't allow it, I contact them via internet or phone... But these are rather rare contacts.
April 5, 2018

 I really think the social media is great when they can only contact with other people  in the begining ,but now there is too many funtions in the social media ,it make everything become strange-

1 People take a photo for many hours and use photoshop to beauty it for hours only in order to have thumbs up from thier friends ,althogh the photo is really not real…Like this ,people lost themselves in social media,and pretend to be a vitual man .Maybe it is vanity,social media arouse it.

2 People contact with friends too often although the topic is boring and repeating…I think this kind communication is useless and just make us more sentimentality or fickle.I do not like this .I only like to send other friend in social media"can we meet this weekends" "when will you come ""have you come""i am here"and then we meet in real word and chating face to face …

So i would not cut off social media because it is help in some level,but i do not enjoy them.

April 5, 2018
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