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Mrs Tad
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Who is your favourite teacher? Why?

Tell about the teacher of your dreams.

In the past, the idea of teaching students from various parts of out planet in real time was only possible in science fiction stories.

Italki teachers have an incredible task. Their students are people of different age, nationality, social and cultural background. Online students speak their own languages and sometimes cannot say a few words in a new target language.

However, Italki teachers have magic skills and imagination to create great lessons and achieve good results under such unusual circumstances, comparable with science fiction dimentions.

They are Italki Guru.

Apr 5, 2018 11:53 AM
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According to a definition in sanskrit, guru is someone more than a teacher, someone, who is a teacher, guide, expert and master of certain knowledge at the same time. Guru is a person who dispels darkness and takes toward light.

April 5, 2018
Mrs Tad
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