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Florencia Ferreira
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¿Cómo practicas español? + links de ayuda

Hola a todos! 

Para todos los que estén aprendiendo español, ¿qué recursos online utilizan? ¿Cuáles recomiendan? 

Aquí dejo algunos links de ayuda: 

* Historias para leer y escuchar (Idiomas: Inglés y español)

* Ejercicios de comprensión auditiva con música en español de diferentes artistas, sólo tienes que elegir nivel (beginner / intermediate / advanced) y la canción que quieras escuchar. Debes escribir las palabras que faltan, pero cuidado! Si no escribes la letra correcta, el video se pausa hasta que lo logres. Es muy divertido! 

* Diccionario para traducir español / inglés / italiano / francés. Múy útil! 

* Gramática española y ejercicios online

Espero ver sus comentarios!

Hello everyone! 

For all those who are learning Spanish, what online resources do you use? Which ones do you recommend? 

Here I leave you with a few links. A podcast website, a listening comprehension website with songs in Spanish and an online dictionary. 

Looking forward to your comments!

Apr 5, 2018 4:32 PM
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Gracias Deborah!
April 5, 2018

Excelente, muchas gracias. 

A mí me gusta escuchar podcast y ver videos.

YouTube "Español con Juan"
Podcast "Español con Juan"

April 5, 2018

Hi Florencia,

and thank you for the links. I'm familiar with Duolingo (and their podcast). I found the stories sometimes a bit disheartening, at least a couple of them were about someone getting conned. Still good training material, though.


Here's something that might be of interest to learners:

This is a full online course, taught by professionals at UC Davis.

I know many here appreciate things that are free, so please note that you don't actually have to pay to access the materials. The payment is required to officially pass the course, and perhaps to do some of the exercises that are being graded.

You can click "Enroll", and then somewhere down in the window it'll give you the option to "audit" to access for free. More info about auditing here:

April 5, 2018
Sensacional el Lyrics training ! Mi nuevo juguete favorito !
April 5, 2018
Great! Thanks for the tips! 
April 5, 2018
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