To foreigners who come to Japan

✰I want to learn English and Korea
■나는 영어와 한국어를 공부하고 싶습니다

✰I think that I will take a train or a bus on a trip
■여행은 기차 나 버스를 타고 생각합니다

✰Japanese people have few English speakers
■일본인은 영어를 할 수있는 사람이 적습니다

✰When I am in trouble while traveling, I will make texts to talk to people
■여행 중 곤란했을 때, 사람에게 말을 걸면 때의 텍스트를 만듭니다

✰To the destination. How to order meals. How to speak. I will show you how to ride a train or a taxi with a video.
■목적지까지. 식사의 부탁 방법. 말 방법. 동영상에서 전철이나 택시 타는 방법도 보여드립니다.

✰If you do not plan to come to Japan, please let me know if you want to find places to see or want to see.

■아직 일본에 올 예정이없는 분도 알고 싶은 곳이나보고 싶은 곳이 있으면 가르쳐주세요.

I am delivering it as an instagram


Apr 5, 2018 7:24 PM
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Thank you very much !

Is your account on instagram for learning Japanese ?

April 5, 2018
Can we practice english together if you want
April 5, 2018
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